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Agrieved OGBIA  Brotherhood youths and IYC shutdown NCDMB in Bayelsa state



Agrieved OGBIA  Brotherhood youths and IYC shutdown NCDMB in Bayelsa state

Agrieved OGBIA  Brotherhood youths and IYC shutdown NCDMB in Bayelsa state

Report reaching us shows that OGBIA youths under the auspices of aggrieve Ogbia Brotherhood youth wing in collaboration with IYC kolo creek clan have shutdown NCDMB OIL and GAS PARK @ Emeyal 1 Bayelsa state

Be that as it may i commend the move i said so because for so long Ogbia youth have been too docile and sleeping on a bicycle despite having the heavy presence of multinational oil companies operating in our lands since 1956 still counting..

Today as we speak our arable lands, fishes in the river, our crops in the farm are dead, even the air we breath across board in the Ogbia land is polluted, the entire land to the best of my knowledge is suffering from different degrees of environmental degradation and oil spoilage. Yet nothing tangible to show for it.

That is why at some point I am very angry with Ogbia youths who all these years have been using their ruggedity and brutality on the wrong channel instead of using their ruggedity and brutality in fighting for the total libration and emancipation of the Ogbia people.

Just imagine elebele bridge fall up till now Ogbia people and Ogbia youths are still waiting for government to release money before reconstructing the damage bridges too bad. Small bridge that will not take anything from the operated multinational oil companies to do

Ogbia people and Ogbia youth right in the midst of heavy multinational oil companies still waiting for government to come to their aid and build imirigi bridge wonder shall never end. Honestly who do Ogbia people this kind thing. So Ogbia youth our own ruggedity and brutality is to used it to be killing ourselves, using it to smoke ero or Igbo. Nonsense ingredient.

Our ijaw youth brothers down the line have been using their ruggedity and brutality to press home their demands, bettering their lives and communities. But ours Ogbia youth is to be using our own ruggedity and brutality to under developed ourselves the more.

Sincerely speaking these new generational Ogbia youths have to wake up from their so many years of slumber, trust me the only language government and multinational oil companies understand is force.

This is the time for Ogbia youth to form her own militia if not the horrible situations things will continue to surface even as time goes bye.

Ogbia youths are the most poorest youth in Bayelsa state and Niger delta as a whole. For example out of ten well to do youth one will meet in Bayelsa state 9 and half are core ijaw youths and even the remaining half is from nembe or epie.

Ogbia greedy leaders who do not want the younger generation to grow are the very persons feeding fat with the proceed of the oils in the land. Honestly God has bless the Ogbia people but Ogbia people dislike themselves.

An Ogbia man preferred making outsider to be stinkily rich instead of making his fellow Ogbia people or blood relation to rich. They are all devils in human form.

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